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Belt Guarding


Wedge Clamps

Unique and sturdy wedge clamps are the ultimate fastener for any guarding application and are also available separately.

These wedge clamps help you:

Return Roller Baskets

Return roller baskets keep workers safe by protecting them from falling return rollers over 7 to 8 feet overhead.

These return roller baskets are designed with the user in mind and are:

Flat Guards

Universal flat guard design can be used for numerous applications. A variety of sizes can be selected and combined to guard your individual requirements. Modular design makes guarding easy to install, easy to expand, and simple to relocate as your equipment requirements change.

Flat Guards are:

Standard Sizes – 24″ x 50″, 30″x 50″, & 36″ x 50″

Belly Guards

Belly guards protect workers from the pinch point on the underside of belts.

Belly guards are:

Standard Sizes for BELLY GUARDS-24″ x 50″, 30″x50″, 36″ x 50″ & 42″x 50″

V-Belt Guards

V-belt guards are designed to provide maximum safety and quick access.

All of our v-belt guards are:

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