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We have improved the construction and design of our new Super Cleat Incline Conveyor Belting. This belt now features “molded cleats” that are actually part of the top cover, not just vulcanized to the surface. This eliminates the cleats peeling off in rough service and assures longer belt life. We have also changed the cleat pattern to a 1/2″ high x 3/4″ wide V-cleat design with open centers for drainage. This new cleat pattern is recessed in from each edge to allow for skirtboard sealing. The base belt is a rugged 2 Ply 400 PIW carcass with 3/16″ X1/16″ Grade I covers for great cut and tear resistance. We are stocking this quality product in 24″, 30″, 36″ and 42″ widths. We can install any FLEXCO® Hinged Fastener for quick change-outs by your road milling crew or we can vulcanize these belts endless in our shop or at your jobsite. Call today for very competitive pricing and quick delivery from our stock.


CONCLEAT Chevron Cleated Belt

CONVIBER’S Chevron Cleated Incline Service Belt is designed to give superior service and performance when conveying bulk materials at steep angles of incline. Our stock construction features a 2-Ply 220 PIW carcass with 1/8″ X1/16″ RMAII MOR Covers. The cleats are 1/4″ X1/4″ on a 45° angle. Additional ply and cover combinations are available on a made-to-order basis.


CONCOR Corrugated Sidewall Belting

The corrugated sidewalls on this belt construction provide increased haulage and prevent spillage, while eliminating the need for troughing idlers. When used in conjunction with cross cleats, the same increased capacity can be achieved on incline systems. Conviber offers this made-to-order product in widths up to 96″, and sidewall heights up to 14″. It is available in all polymers and carcass ratings.

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