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MSP Standard-Duty Precleaner

QMT Tensioner allows the blade to self-adjust to the belt as it wears. Consistent blade contact means continuous cleaning power. ConShear™ Blade, patented design that renews its cleaning edge as it wears and features a molded-in wearline that indicates when a blade change is needed.

Works with Flexco Splices – urethane blade glides over splices without damage or cleaning disruption.

MMS Standard-Duty Secondary Cleaner

Tough Carbide-Tipped Blades for long wear, efficient cleaning and compatibility with mechanical splices.

Rubber Cushions, segmented design allows each blade to self-adjust to the belt independently for continuous blade-to-belt cleaning power.

SST Spring Tensioner, a self-contained spring tensioning system energizes the individual cushions for constant cleaning and smooth interaction with mechanical splices.

Easy Maintenance – after quick measurement of the tension springs, a few turns on the tension nuts bring the blades back to optimal tension.

R-Type® / H-Type® For Reversing Belts

For superior cleaning on reversing belts, choose either H-Type® or R-Type® Secondary Cleaner. Both are ideal for shuttle conveyors that roll back, or for trippers and stackers that run the belt in either direction.

H-Type – simply mount a unit on both pulleys. The XF2-Tip can be used for mechanically fastened belts or the V-Tip for vulcanized belts.

R-Type – combines metal blades for high cleaning performance and unique, two–way cushions that maintain constant blade-to-belt pressure while the belt is running in either direction.

Eliminator U-Type Cleaner

Our innovative secondary belt cleaner is unmatched for superior cleaning efficiency – especially in tough applications with wet, sticky carryback materials. The patented U-shaped blade conforms to the belt. The blade’s carbide tips scrape stubborn materials off the belt while the rubber backer “squeegees” wet materials. The dual-spring tensioner also maintains low, uniform blade pressure across the entire belt width.

EZP1 Precleaner

The Rockline® EZP1 Precleaner is not your average belt cleaner that mounts on the head pulley. It features a unique uni-blade design that combines simple, do-it-yourself installation, quick maintenance and effective cleaning results with a price tag that you can afford.

The patent-pending ConShear™ blade with the “faceted profile” design achieves a conforming and shearing action to provide consistent belt cleaning. Universal mounting plates make installation easy on chutes or open-head conveyors.

EZS2 Secondary Belt Cleaner

The Rockline® EZS2 secondary belt cleaner improves belt cleaning efficiency and reduces routine maintenance tasks. And it does all of this at an affordable price. Add, easy, do-it-yourself installation and it makes an unbeatable solution for your conveyor belt cleaning needs.

The EZS2 features patent-pending FormFlex™ cushions that allow the segmented blades to self-adjust up the belt as they wear for consistent cleaning efficiency.


Chevron Belt Cleaner

Hundreds of rubber fingers create a rotary cleaning action that flicks carryback off the belt. And without typical clogging and rapid wear problems associated with brush-type cleaners. Now, there is a better solution for wet sand belts, wood chip belts, and other raised top or grooved belts.


Conviber also stocks Urethane replacement blades to fit all major manufacturers' belt cleaners!

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