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Elevator Belting, Buckets, Splices, Bolts and Fastened Belting


CONPLY Elevator Belting

CONVIBER stocks both multi-ply and single-ply heavy-duty bucket elevator belt in both rubber and P.V.C. Constructions. Our all-polyester carcass provides better bucket bolt holding ability, fastener strength and small pulley flexing capability that elevator service demands. Conviber punches all bolt patterns in our own shops, reducing your bucket elevator downtime and saving you money.


Elevator Buckets

CONVIBER offers a wide variety of buckets for all applications. We can supply buckets made from fabricated steel, cast iron or nylon. Our nylon buckets will “give and bend” to pass by obstructions during a “hangup”, then, its memory will allow the bucket to return it to its original shape.


Elevator Splices

Our Clamp Box Splices hold the belt in a vice-like grip between three grooved plates. The joint never touches the pulley, therefore, there is no metal to metal contact. Clamp Boxes are set to 2″ of belt width per set. These quality splices can be used over and over again. The Clamp Box Splice is not recommended where wing type pulleys are used.

Elevator Bolts

Our Flexco® Elevator Bolts are specially designed for today’s thin-carcass belting. We stock all sizes and metals.


Pre-Fastened Belting

CONVIBER offers complete in-shop vulcanized and mechanical splice service. We feature Flexco® brand hinged fasteners in all metals. We stock bolt type hinged (#375, #550), Rivet type hinged (R-2, R-5, R-51/2, R-6), as well as Alligator and Alligator Staple Lacings. All fasteners can be recessed in the top cover or totally hidden. Let Conviber install a Hinge Splice in your next belt. The ease of installation at your job site will save you time and money. We can also punch and prepare ends for any solid plate fasteners.

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