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Bolt Solid Plate #140 • #190 • 1 • 1 1/2 • 2 • 2 1/4 • 2 1/2 • 3

For permanent, butt splices on heavy-duty conveyor and elevator belts. Commonly used for handling such highly abrasive materials as sand, gravel and crushed stone as well as grain, coal, cement and salt. Holes are punched in the belt quickly and accurately with a template and boring tool. Fasteners are installed on-site with portable, hand or power tools. The smooth profile is the result of recessed cups and coined edges on the fastener plates. The splice is smooth-running and silt-free. Various size Bolt Solid Plate fasteners operate on a variety of belts mechanically rated up to 620 PIW or 108 kN/m. Operates effectively on pull


Bolt Hinged #375 • #550

Used primarily for construction and road equipment, coal mines, salt and potash mines (with quickly extending belts), stacking and stockpiling belts and other applications involving smaller pulleys. Fasteners can be installed in the shop or on-site with either simple hand tools or power tools. Nuts and bolts are recessed in fastener plates for a smooth profile. Use with belts that are mechanically rated up to 190 PIW (pounds per inch width) or 33kN/m for size 375. For belts that are mechanically rated up to 300 PIW or 52 kN/m use size 550. Operates over pulleys as small as 6″ in diameter.


Rivet Hinged R-2 • R-5 • R-5 1/2 • R-6

For underground mining and smaller pulleys on construction equipment, asphalt plants, aggregate and ready-mix plants, log belts and smaller applications. Fasteners installed with portable fixture and hammer and are installed with one simple procedure with self-setting rivets. Use with belts that are mechanically rated up to 330 PIW, use R2; 450 PIW for R5; 650 PIW for R5-1/2 and 800 PIW for R6. Operates on belts 7/32″ to 11/16″ thick and over a minimum pulley diameter of 9″. SR fasteners operate smoothly over pulleys as small as 9″ diameter.


Rivet Solid Plate BR-10 • BR-14

For main haulage belts used in coal, hard rock mining, foundries, grain elevators, aggregate plants and steel mills. Especially effective for higher tension applications and where durability and service life are most important. Designed for fast, simple installation, you need only a hammer and portable BRT Tool. Belt ends and fastener strips are held in proper alignment, then rivets can be hammer-driven and set from the top side of the belt. The smooth profile is the result of specially coined plates and precise rivet setting. This eliminates fastener projections and potential hang-ups. Use with belts that are mechanically rated up to 650 PIW for BR-10 and 800 PIW for BR-14. BR fasteners operate on minimum pulley diameters of 18″ for BR-10, 36″ for BR-14.

Conviber maintains a large inventory of all the above quality Flexco belt fasteners in all metals: Steel, Stainless Steel, Everdur®, Megalloy®, Promal®, Monel® and Rubber Covered Steel. We also inventory all the required tools, cutters, punches, wrenches and skivers to install them right. The next time you need quality Flexco Belt Fasteners, or just some technical help, call CONVIBER. Our inventory and service is tough to beat!


Flexco®  190VP™ Rubber Covered Bolt Solid Plate Fastener Strips


FSK Portable Lightweight Belt Skiver


Flexco® VP Fasteners provide increased impact protection of top plates and reduce plate exposure to wear – resulting in longer splice life. The rubber covering offers a sift-free, sealed splice to protect against seepage of fines and moisture plus reduced noise on return idlers and other conveyor components. VP rubber covered fasteners allow for a continuous, smooth surface when plate strips are countersunk. And, in many cases, provide for improved belt cleaner interface and help to extend the life of your cleaner blade.



Super Screw Belt




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