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Hubs and Bushings

CONVIBER offers a wide range of hubs and bushing systems for proper mounting of pulley to shaft. Included are Q.D. Hubs and Bushings (max. bore 12″), XT Hubs and Bushings (max. bore 12″), Taper-lock Hubs and Bushings (max. bore 12″) and keyless frictional locking assemblies (max. bore 23.622″). CONVIBER keyless locking assemblies are self-contained, high torque capacity units that feature no keyway stress concentration, no axial movement during assembly and high torque capacity. Keyless locking assemblies are used primarily with engineered class pulleys in high tension applications. Other means of securing the pulley to the shaft include press-fit and dead shaft designs. CONVIBER offers you total flexibility when it comes to mounting pulleys to the shaft.


Lagging for Conveyor Pulleys

CONVIBER has complete in-house pulley lagging capabilities. Every step of the pulley manufacturing and lagging process is controlled to assure quality, prompt delivery and competitive pricing of lagged pulleys. Available in a wide variety of styles and thickness, lagging is primarily used to improve tractive capacity, resist abrasive conditions and extend pulley and belt life. The style of lagging required is usually influenced by operating conditions. CONVIBER offers the following lagging styles: weld-on, plain vulcanized, herringbone grooved vulcanized, diamond grooved vulcanized, and rough top.


Ceramic Lagging FLEX-LAG® by Flexco

Flex-Lag Ceramic Lagging is designed for use in conveyor installations where belt slippage cannot be overcome by conventional rubber lagging. Eliminate belt slippage and achieve the highest coefficient of friction available in a lagging material – 2 to 3 times the friction of rubber in wet, dry or muddy conditions.


Craft-Lag® Replaceable Lagging

Craft-Lag is bonded to rigid backing which is then formed to a specific diameter. Craft-Lag can be used with or without retainers and is ideal for mining, crushed stone, sand and gravel, cement, agriculture, food processing, coal mining, power plants, feed and grain and general industry.


Herren Flexible Tack-Lag® Pads

A long-lasting, low-cost method of lagging and repairing your cylinder pulley on-site. CONVIBER Tack-Lag improves traction, it’s self-cleaning and the most economical way to repair your cylinder pulleys. One size fits all pulleys and you can field-cut our Tack-Lag to fit any pulley. It even fits pulleys with crowns…just split the pads in the middle. Installation is quick and easy, just spot weld the pad to your pulley (tack along edge). The repair can be made right on site at your convenience. CONVIBER stocks this product at all locations.


Herren Rubberized Tack-On® Tail Pulley Repair Kit

Repair your worn out tail pulleys by using rubberized BARACK-ON… it’s half the cost of a new tail pulley, triples the strength of the tail pulley, and it lasts three times longer. CONVIBER stocks this product in pulley face widths from 26″ to 44″.

Q.D.® and XT® are registered trademarks of Emerson Electric Co., Taper-lock® is a registered trademark of Reliance Electric Co.

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