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Plasticon PVC Conveyor Belting

This cover one side (Slider Bed Use) and cover both sides PVC Belting features a high strength carcass impregnated with black PVC providing a tough, long-wearing oil and moisture-resistant belt. CONVIBER stocks this product in widths up to 72″ and tension ratings to 200 PIW. This product works great in recycling and garbage burning plants.


CONGRIP Rough-Top Incline Conveyor Belting

CONGRIP Rough-Top belt features a deep-textured rubber or P.V.C. surface with raised peaks that grip each package and carries it up inclines as steep as 35 degrees. CONVIBER stocks this product in black or non-marking tan rubber with a slider bed style bottom cover. For severe abrasion applications, a special carboxylated nitrile cover is available.


Plasticon PVC. "Slip" Conveyor Belting

“Slip” belt incorporates the same tough PVC impregnated carcass as the above belts but features a brushed or friction surface cover that provides a very low friction surface for minimum drag on slider beds. This belt works very well where accumulation or diverting of product is required or in live roller applications.


PLASTICON PVC Cleated Incline Conveyor Belting

The molded Chevron, Herringbone or Bucket-shaped pattern in the PVC. cover helps move bulk materials efficiently up inclines as steep as 35 degrees. The impressions resist the trapping or carryback of material and readily drain off liquids. White FDA approved PVC cleated belt shown in photo. Black multi-purpose PVC cleated belt also available from stock.


CONPLY Rubber "Slider Bed" Utility Belt

This belt features 1/8″ thick abrasion-resistant rubber top cover on a 2-ply 160 PIW low-stretch polyester carcass and a bare fabric pulley cover for slider bed service. Great for feeder, wood product and agricultural applications where low temperatures and abrasion make PVC type belt unsuitable.

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