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CONVIBER is your authorized METSO Industrial screening equipment distributor. We can provide prompt parts service on the full line of Hewitt-Robins/Seco and Tyler/KUE-KEN screens, feeders and scalpers.

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The HR-Vibrex (HRV) provides full width screening – the nominal width plus an extra 4″ provides more open area than any other screen in its class. This screen also offers a “balanced” design. Each component is conservatively loaded and stressed in proportion to every other component. Therefore, this screen has no outstanding weak links or “over designed elements”. The Metso HR-Vibrex offers a wide selection of standard models and options – ideal for processing aggregates, ores and minerals.

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Ty-Rock (TYRK)

The Ty-Rock (TYRK) has been rated as the number one vibrating screen for the heavy mining industries. This model is constructed with many standard features that are provided as options with other products. The Ty-Rock efficiently operates with minimal maintenance and the massive tubular base frame substantially lowers installation costs. When your application demands a heavy-duty screen and your budget doesn’t include a structural engineer, ask for a Ty-Rock!


Railcar Shakeout (HRHDV)

The Railcar Shakeout (HRHDV) exceeds all previous standard railcar shakers with greater working weight, more intense shaking and faster, more efficient unloading. This heavy-duty design will provide years of efficient operation “clean-up” with the Metso Car Shaker.


Foundry Shakeout

The Metso Foundry Shakeout (HRMF) is specifically designed for the shakeout of castings, heavy and mixed flask sizes, making it ideal for use in foundries. This particular model also works well in primary reduction of sand lumps where chemically bonded models are used. Talk to us about Metso’s Foundry Shakers, when you are “stuck” with your current system.


Bucker-Up Strip

Compare our premium quality “bucker-up” strips with competing brands. Our heavy-duty rubber has a higher crown, longer legs and wider shoulders which adds up to longer service life and protection from premature screen cloth failure. Conviber stocks 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes in round and flat top styles.


Tuffgard® Urethane Water Spray Deflectors

This money-saving product is designed for mounting immediately over longitudinally staggered holes in water pipe to effectively wash bulk material on screen surfaces without adjacent sprays impinging on one another. It is made of long-lasting Tuffgard Urethane and will not hone to hazardously sharp edges, like metal deflectors. Tuffgard Urethane is also non-corroding. CONVIBER stocks sizes to fit standard pipe from 1-1/2″ to 3″.


Heavy-Duty Steel Rails


Herren® Steel Clamp Down Rails

CONVIBER offers Herren Brand replacement heavy-duty steel clamp down rails to fit all major screen manufacturers’ equipment.

These rails are not only normally lower in cost, compared to original equipment, but the design is better…and they last longer. Several types are available -Standard Duty, Single Face Wear Strip Lined, Double Face Wear Strip Lined and 1/2″ Thick Vulcanized Rubber Lined that outlasts standard steel rails up to 6 times.

The next time you need replacement screen clamp down rails (skirtboards), call CONVIBER. We can save you money up front as well as in the long run.

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