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Take-Up Frames


Heavy-Duty (PHD) Take-Up Frames

CONVIBER Heavy Duty Take-up Frames are of welded and bolted steel construction. The adjusting screw, which is fully protected, offers maximum strength and ease of adjustment. Heavy Duty Take-up Frames will accommodate bearings with 1 1/2″ through 5″ bore sizes and offer travel distances of 12″ to 48″.


Light-Duty (PLD) Take-Up Frames

CONVIBER Light Duty Take-up Frames give the convenience of use with ball, spherical and sleeve bearings. The adjusting screw is protected from falling material by the steel angle. The adjusting screw is always in tension regardless of direction of bearing load. Light Duty Take-up Frames can accommodate bearings with 1/2″ through 3 1/2″ bore sizes and offer travel distance of 6″ to 24″.


Wide Slot Center Pull (PCP) Take-Up Frames

CONVIBER Wide Slot Center Pull Take-up Frames are of welded steel construction with reinforced steel end plates. The hinged cap rail allows easy access for quick and easy bearing installation. CONVIBER Center Pull Take-up Frames offer 12″ through 36″ travel for bearings with 1 1/8″ through 5″ bore size.


Top Angle Take-Up Frames

CONVIBER Top Angle Take-up Frames are of welded steel construction. The adjusting screw is plated to resist corrosion and is protected by the top angle from falling material. Top Angle Take-up Frames may be used with sleeve type, ball or tapered roller bearings with bore sizes from 1 3/4″ through 4″. CONVIBER Top Angle Take-up Frames offer travel distances of 12″ to 24″.


Extendable (PST) Take-Up Frames

Rugged, welded construction, Heavy-Duty Bearing Mounting Pad. Protected screw, in-line actuation minimizes friction resistance. ACME thread standard on 250 through 500 series. Grease fitting on slide tube to seal and block out contaminants. Suitable for stock pillow block bearings. Special bolt patterns available on request. Easy to install. Interchangeable with comparable industry products.



Type "E" Pillow Blocks

CONVIBER “E” Pillow Blocks offer a wide range of sizes, economical price and most importantly…dependability. The features of Conviber “E” Pillow Blocks include double locking collars, a combination of balanced dynaface and labyrinth seals, Timken anti-friction bearings, strong outer housing made from gray iron and slotted bolt holes for each installation. CONVIBER “E” Pillow Blocks are also available with steel or ductile iron housing.


Take-Up Bearings

The tapered roller units used in CONVIBER Take-up Bearings are identical to the ones used in CONVIBER Pillow Blocks. Superior load and speed capacities of this bearing have been well established throughout the industry, making this bearing ideally suited for severe service conditions.


Split Bearings

Craft Bearing Company manufactures Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings which combine all the advantages of conventional anti-friction roller bearings with the added feature of being easily assembled around the shaft. The complete assembly is engineered in halves to ease the installation, inspection, and/or replacement of pillow block bearings without removing or disrupting other elements of the system. The Split makes the difference! The Craft Bearing and all its component parts are manufactured in the United States.

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